Let Get it installed

Below you will find some steps that will help insure you have an easy setup and installation of your capture system. Please take a moment to follow these steps in order and you will quickly and smoothly be on your way to making amazing 360 content.

Install Drivers

Before you connect your Zcapture system to your computer please take a moment and install the appropriate drivers for your computer. This will insure that you have a easy install.
Driver (X86)

Apply Patches

Depending on your version of windows and what service packs you have installed you may need to install an update for the software to install properly. Please run the updater here and install the patch to insure your system is ready to rock and roll.
Install Patch

Install Zcapture Software

Now we are ready to install the Zcapture software. Make sure you have your registration number handy and enter it in at the cue. Your license key will only work with one computer so make sure you are installing it on the computer you intend to use it on.
Install Zcapture Software

Enjoy your Zcapture system

You are now set up to start working with your Zcapture system. Please check out the Zcapture website for information, tutorials and frequently asked questions and have fun!
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