Default Unit Settings

Default Settings

We designed the Zcapture system to be powerful and flexible. You can customize your Zcapture system settings to have the ability to shoot well above the default 50 frames per rotation by modifying the number of steps per frame and the number of frames per shot. The Steps per revolution is a value that should not be modified as it is specific to the motor and is the maximum number of frames per revolution you can shoot.

From our testing of both usability and load times 50 frames is considered to be ideal and it is easier and more effective to modify the number of frames in a sequence to a lower number via the software than modifying the hardware settings. 99% of needs should be met with the default settings for each unit.

Zcapture Mini Default Settings

While the Capture mini is a light weight system it can be used for very small very high resolution items like gemstones and jewelry. The ability to shoot a high number of frames is a benefit of this model.

Zcapture Mid (One) Default Settings

The Zcapture Mid (also known as the Zcapture One) is the workhorse of the Zcapture models. It is designed to quickly crank out high quality shots quickly and efficiently. The default setting is for 50 frames per rotation and it can achieve up to 200 per rotation.

Zcapture Pro Default Settings

The Zcapture Pro offers 2X the resolution at 400 frames per rotation compared to that of the Midsized unit with the added benefit of a much higher weight carrying capacity.