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The Zcapture platform ultimately consists of two major components: our hardware technologies and software suit. When used together, they create a high degree of productivity. One operator can easily control two or three booths at one time, each of which can run the Zcapture system simultaneously. The ability to run parallel tasks greatly increases the efficiency and output produced. When coupled with our Zcapture software suit, it normally requires zero postproduction or Photoshop work to get the desired result. Below you will find some detailed information for each unique component comprising the Zcapture solution.

The Zcapture Hardware Platform

The Zcapture system hardware platform is a highly-robust, automated 360° turntable capable of controlling your camera, allowing for direct control of its shutter. With the ability to be controlled via remote control or through PC control, it easily automates all 360° photography needs. In this section you’ll find an overview of the Zcapture system and its main features. Learn More

The Zcapture 360° Editing Software

The Zcapture 360° software suite is a powerful tool for rapid creation and production of 360° content. Once you have used the Zcapture hardware platform to produce a sequence of shots, it’s easy to import and edit your sequence using our software. You control editing, brightness, contrast, gamma, colors, and all other 360° settings for play speed rotation. The Zcapture 360° editing suite is productive and easy to use. Most of the time, all of your editing needs can be accomplished, reviewed and exported in less than 5 minutes. Learn More