Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

When I try to licence my software it crashes

If you encounter a problem with the application crashing when you are licensing it you are missing an important update from Microsoft. Please download and install this update from Microsoft to fix the issue.

Download page:
Direct Download Link (faster): Direct Download

I can't find my Zcapture Com Port:

The arduino requires a driver to show up as a com port on your computer. In most cases it will automatically be installed via windows updates. However if you want a direct link to the driver that will let the arduino show up as a com port properly please use the following links.

If the device is not detected the first time you plug it in, you may need to go into your device manager, find the Arduino Uno and click update driver.

If you encounter any other issues you can refer to the arduino install guide found here:

My software crashes when I load a bunch of pictures

This can be caused by number of issues.
1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for running the Zcapture software. Especially focus on Ram amounts and availability.
2. If you are running memory heavy applications make sure to close them while processing content to free up resources and improve performance.
3. Adjust your camera settings to save the images at a smaller resolution and file size. As Zcapture was designed to create web based output the maximum image size is 1024X768 and it is recommended to be smaller than this for user experience and load time considerations.
4. Insure you have no spaces or special characters in your file names. This is just good practice.
5. Insure your computer has available drive space for temp files and output files.
6. Insure your computer is free of Viruses and malware. This will absolutely cause problems with memory use and stability.
7. Load only the images you are processing for a sequence, it is not necessary to load an entire memory card of images to create a single sequence.

The software has been tested loading up to 2 gigabytes of images and quantities of up to 200 images per sequence.

I've tinkered with the settings… now it doesn't work

Refer to the default settings section of the site Default Settings

Arduino driver will not install under windows 8

Follow the steps in this tutorial:

Leveling the platform

One quick tip to leveling the platform is to use a few spare coins. Simply stack the coins around the base of the drive shaft as shown and gently push down on the disk as you tighten the screw. This will help insure the disk is level. Don’t forget to remove the coins afterwards.