Some Fun Examples of what this can do

Here are some examples the Zcapture system is capable of producing. While looking at these demos, please keep in mind all of these were shot and processed with an average of 10 minutes total time each. No photoshopping or post processing other than the Zcapture 360° software suite, were used. Once the shot’s basic lighting and angles are set up, it takes only minutes to go from product to website. This focus on rapid output gives the Zcapture system an advantage that cannot be met by other companies.

Long Guns

Long Guns Vertical

Long Guns Alternative Rotation

Hand Guns

Air Guns




The Zcapture 360° hardware and software suites are tools designed to allow any user to rapidly produce content for use in a 360° or 3-D rotating-type format. These tools have been created to empower users not only with the creativity they need to accomplish simple tasks, but also to do so at a price point well below the competition. We believe 360° photography and rotational product photography is where the future lies, whether it’s for use in e-commerce product demonstrations, research and development, academic settings, or even in interaction at a touch level with digital tablets and mobile devices. Static product photos are great at showing specific angles or even details of your product, but 360° product photography will always engage the user longer and expose them to your product in a way that cannot be found in any other medium. If you’re interested in purchasing the Zcapture hardware or software platform, please visit our contact page or online store to help support us in this revolution in imagery.